specialty sewing services

Expertise: Couture Construction, Fibers, Ready To Wear Construction And Industrial Construction.

Cushions for custom furniture

I can create custom shaped cushions to fit your custom furniture. I’ve made cushions for every strange shape under the sun.

outdoor, upholstery, & awnings

Custom outdoor items need coverings from weather. I can create the perfectly fitted piece for you. Any custom built furniture that need upholstery, I can do. Creative awnings with cool shapes, too.


I’ve created mascot quality costumes as well as Halloween costumes. Let me know how I can help you bring an idea to life!

strange shapes & sculpture

Sculptural pieces can be difficult to create or find something non custom with a perfect fit. I can help.


I love to create a daughter’s wedding dress by repurposing the mother’s wedding dress. I also create Christening gowns from wedding dresses, heirloom pieces, or from scratch.


I smock as well as do custom embroidery of any design, wording, or dates that you desire on your piece.



Most of my work is unique and original and has to conform to someone else's pre existing element or design. I love looking at a project and figuring out how to engineer it and the absolute best way to construct it. Then I make a pattern or have one made and get to work.


My studio consists of an embroidery machine, 4 thread and 5 thread sergers, a high end sewing machine and a long arm industrial machine. I can sew on leather, vinyl, knits and the finest silks and chiffon.


If a client needs help selecting the best materials for their project I am happy to source foam, fabric, trims etc. I generally get swatches and meet with the client to discuss the materials. I also have reliable web sources that I use for specialty fabrics, like scuba, vinyls, and wedding fabric.


I’ve done work for exhibit companies, hotels, commercial decorators (lobbies and conference rooms) and churches. I have a customer base that I sew fashion for. I can re-imagine the mom's wedding dress for the daughters.