I create custom solutions for a variety of clients in need of speciality sewing services.


Specialty Sewing

I help engineer a solution for your needs. I will measure, design and create a pattern, source correct fabrics and materials, construct, complete, and install the final product to your satisfaction.


Dallas Specialty Sewing has created truly original treasures for my family time and time again. First we had a Christening gown made from heirloom pillowcases for my granddaughter. When my daughter had the idea to have her wedding dress crafted from my long sleeved dress from the 80’s, I knew exactly who to call. They created a stylish halter dress that fit perfectly and received many compliments.

Kathy / Happy Customer



Skills & Capabilities

I’ve studied couture construction, fibers, ready to wear construction and industrial construction. I’ve made everything from enormous cushions (7 yards long and curved) to tiny christening gowns for newborn babies. I’ve made mascot quality costumes and done intricate beading on wedding gowns. I’ve dressed a huge pig sculpture and wrapped art sculptures. The more unique the challenge, the more creative and imaginative the solution. Specialty is my specialty.



Most of my work is unique and original and has to conform to someone else's pre existing element or design. I love looking at a project and figuring out how to engineer it and the absolute best way to construct it. Then I make a pattern or have one made and get to work.


My studio consists of an embroidery machine, 4 thread and 5 thread sergers, a high end sewing machine and a long arm industrial machine. I can sew on leather, vinyl, knits and the finest silks and chiffon.


If a client needs help selecting the best materials for their project I am happy to source foam, fabric, trims etc. I generally get swatches and meet with the client to discuss the materials. I also have reliable web sources that I use for specialty fabrics, like scuba, vinyls, and wedding fabric.


I’ve done work for exhibit companies, hotels, commercial decorators (lobbies and conference rooms) and churches. I have a customer base that I sew fashion for. I can re-imagine the mom's wedding dress for the daughters.


Getting Started

Contact me and describe what you need. Pictures are helpful to send so that I can tell if I can help you or not. If we proceed, I can meet with you, take measurements, and then provide you with an estimate. Depending on my schedule and other jobs I’m working on, we can determine together if I can complete by your deadline. Catering to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.